Geothermal – Good For The Environment!


Heating and cooling your home is a huge draw on your energy bill each month. It’s also a huge part of the pollution and impact on your environment around you. With things like the “Go Green” initiative, people are looking into other sources of heating and cooling their home. Items such as solar energy, geothermal energy and cooling systems are just a few of the ways people around you are reducing their impact. Learning how geothermal heating and cooling systems can be great for the environment is a key to many purchasing these systems to replace their current HVAC systems. Take a few minutes and see why so many others are choosing these types of units and why you should consider them as well.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Basically this system uses heat from the Earth itself to power your home. It is much more efficient as the ground is an even temperature where the air is not always the same. By having your system underground it can pull the heat and energy it needs from the Earth and make your home more comfortable. Take a look at how this newer system can assist you with making your home green.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Have you ever noticed how noisy a typical HVAC unit can be? When you use geothermal energy it is underground and does not have the unit outside like your typical system does. That means all the noise you would typically hear when the unit shuts on and off is not present. You can help reduce your noise pollution with this unit as it is much quieter to run.

Reduce Emissions

Since you do not have a unit using the typical refrigerants and chemicals, it is reducing the carbon footprint you leave and your emissions from your typical unit. Geothermal energy also reduces the draw on the electrical components around you. You’re reducing your electrical consumption when using these units so you’re leaving a cleaner, greener planet around for your children when they are grown.

Reduce Waste

Most systems are set up so that the waste heat from the geothermal system can be used to heat up your hot water in your home. A standard HVAC unit just dumps that waste heat out into the air around the unit instead of using it. With a geothermal unit you’re putting all things, even the waste, to work for better heating and efficiency of your home. That reduces your pollutants while keeping your home and water comfortably heated.

Renewable Energy

When you’re using this type of system you are basically using solar power to help heat and cool your home. That is because the planet itself is your big solar panels and the heat from the planet helps your geothermal system work. By using the planet’s naturally renewable resource, you’re helping the environment and you’re reducing your reliance on the foreign countries fuels.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are not only great for your home energy efficiency and your wallet, they are fantastic for the environment around you. You can easily reduce emissions, carbon footprint, and your dependence on foreign fuels. This renewable energy source makes it easy to get efficient heating and cooling throughout your home with little impact to the world around you. Even the waste heat is put to good use in these newer systems.

Talk with your local HVAC company today to see what type of unit would work well for your home and location. These systems can also help you reduce your monthly power bill. While the upfront cost may seem higher than traditional systems, there are rebates and tax breaks that you can receive on some units.

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