AllClimate_Solar Energy System Installation is More Than What You Know

When you think about the energy you need to run your home, there are a lot of factors that play into that need. You must heat and cool the home, there’s the power to run all the lights, electronics, and the kitchen in your home. Running your home smoothly can take a lot of energy to do, unless you consider solar panels.

There are many popular myths and discussions about solar panels and solar energy out there that can scare you away from this type of energy usage. The tips and facts here will help you sift through the myths and get the truth about using this product for heating, cooling, and running your home.

Are Solar Panels That Expensive?

Most people think dollar signs when they think of solar energy. In fact, they are cheaper now than you might think. To purchase and install solar panels now is over 400 times cheaper than it used to be when they first hit the market. You also have to look at the investment return when you’re considering the true cost of these additions to your home. They are cheaper to install but they also save you money in the long run over the next years on your home. You’re looking at lower energy costs each month, less energy drain on the fossil fuel system, and cleaner energy practices.


Aren’t Installations Badly Done Most Times?

The key to getting a good installation is in finding the right HVAC contractor. You need to do your research and find those who are certified in dealing with these types of installations. You can rest assured that the industry itself is highly regulated and watched to insure great installations and use of the product.

Isn’t Going Green Just a Money Scheme?

You may think the whole green initiative is what’s driving your power bill up. It’s not the case. The biggest draw on those power bills is the fossil fuel systems and upgrades to old poles, lines, and equipment. In the long run, the solar energy panels don’t account for even 10% of what the power company rates are made up of. Going green is not only great for the environment, it can actually be great for your wallet. You’ll save on more efficient heating and cooling of your home, and often times there are rebates and tax breaks for those who install green equipment.

Are There Really Any Benefits?

You may be under the assumption that there are no real benefits to using solar panels. You’re probably thinking what can they do at night, or why would I install these on my home? Will it bring down the resale value? In all actuality, the installation of the panels on your home can actually increase the value. People see that as a step in the right direction in powering your home and reducing your carbon footprint. There are also many benefits to this being installed. You can get efficient energy without relying on fossil fuels that may one day run out. Some power companies give you a reduce rate on energy when you use solar panels as it draws less from their system.

Installing these panels and choosing to use solar energy has many benefits. While there are a lot of myths and untrue facts out there, you must weed through those and find out that the truth is, they work. They are worth the investment and you will see a big savings throughout the life of the panels. They are going down in price each year and are cheaper now than ever to install. Call your HVAC technician today to see how you can go solar!

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