How to Select a Window Replacement Contractor?

Choosing the right window contractor is as essential as finding the best windows. It may seem to you that the installation is too easy and you can do it on your own, however, remember that incorrect installation might lead to air leakage and lack of energy efficiency. Some of the window companies offer an installation warranty that might void in case you don’t turn to an expert window installer or you install the windows improperly. So quite often you need to deal with a window contractor but finding the right one may sound challenging and tricky. If you are willing to avoid problems in the future, read what professionals from the prominent Langdon windows company advise you in picking out the best contractor.

Do a research in advance

You should search for a window option that is the most suitable for you beforehand. There are a lot of window contractors specializing only in one window type, so spend enough time to contact the right pros. For instance, you would like to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Then the best option for you may be vinyl windows since their great insulation helps keep the needed warm or cold inside the house, allowing you to save on the electricity bills. So if you know for sure what type of replacement windows you want, you will be ready to ask various questions to a contractor and, as a result, you can save your money and nerves.

Get minimum three bids

When you get a bid, it includes more than just a price. The contractor should specify what products and materials he is going to use, what labor and materials are comprised or not comprised in the price he announces. You can also find start and finish dates in the bid. A tried and true hint concerning the bid is that the more detailed it is, the better. Later on this will guarantee that both you and the contractor know what exactly was and wasn’t covered. It’s a good idea to add payment terms to the bid, too. Remember that you shouldn’t pay the entire sum before the job is done. A reliable window contractor can ask you only for 20 or 30 percent up front and for the rest when you are pleased with the performed installation.


Don’t overlook the fine print

Take your time to read the contract very carefully, especially those parts written in the fine print. Don’t worry if you make the contractor wait, it’s your right. Besides, ask any questions you have about the contract before you sign it. In this situation you will be sure you know all the conditions of your agreement. Finally make sure you obtain a workmanship warranty covering the actual window installation.

Check references

Verify as many references as you can. Start with the manufacturer’s references since you’d like to be confident in the quality of products that the window supplier gives. You can ask to look at the pictures of some other jobs that they have already done similar to your case. Another important question is how long this window company has been in business. If they function more than five years, you can trust these people. All in all, make sure you check references from the clients, especially a few problematic reviews. The point is to see how the window contractor solves such issues and supports the customers.

The article is written by Randy Lee basing on the data from the leading Lake Bonavista windows company website in order to share opinion on choosing the right window contractor.

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