Buying a Whirlpool Bath? A List of the Most Common Styles You should Know about

Anyone who has ever spent time in a whirlpool bath will enthusiastically confirm that it’s one of the best bathing experiences ever. After all, you’re immersed in warm, bubbly water, with jets of air or water massaging your body at different points. What could be better than that? And what’s more, you can spend a considerable time in a whirlpool bath just relaxing and letting all your worries and cares float away. But if you are thinking of buying a whirlpool bath, it won’t do to just get the first one you see. There are some practical matters to think about first, beginning with the most common styles from which you can choose.

The top styles of whirlpool baths for you

First of all, you have to keep in mind that although there are many styles and types of whirlpool baths available out there, not all of them may fit your needs or budget. Not all of them may be suitable to your bathroom size, either. So you have to think about the size of your bathroom, your personal preference, and your budget as well.


Drop in baths

Drop in baths, as their name implies, are often installed on a platform or raised pedestal or, alternatively, sunk on a level beneath the flooring. A typical drop in whirlpool bath will often have no apron either, and will have to be finished or tiled. When tiling or finishing this type of whirlpool bath, make sure it’s a good match to your existing bathroom décor and theme. This type of whirlpool bath, as you can imagine, takes a bit more effort to install, as it is considered bespoke or customised.

Recessed baths

Another popular whirlpool bath style is the recessed bath, which has three sides which are open and one side placed against the wall. This recessed type of whirlpool bath is best installed in the bathroom’s alcove.

Corner baths

Corner whirlpool baths are also a popular choice, especially if the space in your bathroom is limited. This is where the bath is placed in a corner. Whirlpool baths for corner installations are shaped like a crescent, with two sides placed against the bathroom walls and one side which is open.

Freestanding baths

You also have the option of a freestanding whirlpool bath, which, as you can imagine, stands on its own. These types of whirlpool baths feature finishing on all sides and are often equipped with legs (for the classic, traditional style) or have a solid bottom (for the modern, contemporary style). These can be installed in the centre of the bathroom, but make sure you have the proper water supply and drainage solution at the point where the bath will be installed.

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