An Overview of Textile Shows in New York

Fashion Week is always a big deal in New York City. Those that work in the industry come from all over the world to attend this yearly event. Textile shows play a big part in the industry and are held every year.


NYC Textile Week

Since fashion is such a prevalent topic in the city, participants come from all over the world to attend New York Textile Shows such as Texworld USA. Each participant has their own pavilion where they display the latest fabrics they have created. During a typical NYC show there are pavilions representing Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and Korea.

In addition to pavilions, the show also features a series of educational seminars. In the seminars, attendees learn about subjects such as sourcing, current trends and even sustainability of fabrics around the world. Virtually every type of fabric is discussed during these seminars, including lace, knits, unusual color palettes and casual, functional fabrics.

The city’s textile week is a time when fashion designers can travel to New York. They flock to this event in order to shop around for new and affordable fabrics. The city’s tourism board helps organize textile week in an effort to bring fabric vendors together with the designers seeking their goods.

The concept behind the idea of a textile week is establishing the fact that New York City is the premiere global destination for fashion and textile professionals. The city has been called the textile industry’s hub. The industry is so large that it employs roughly 2% of Americans that work in manufacturing. New York City’s Mayor even endorsed Textile Week, saying that it is a great place for the exchange of information, ideas and practices concerning textiles.

Textile Month

In September of 2016 NYC Textile Month was launched by the Smithsonian Design Museum’s New School. The first official Textile Month event was the creation of an exhibit where students could showcase their designs.

Throughout the city exhibits are meant to educate designers on textiles. These exhibits can be viewed by design students as well as anyone else interested in the subject matter.

NYC Textile Exhibits

The textile scene in the city also includes Milano Unica and Premiere Vision exhibits. These are shows in which vendors display their fabrics. One of the issues being discussed at exhibits such as these is the cost of European fabrics versus the cost of American fabrics. European fabrics are generally priced cheaper than American fabrics because of the exchange rate.


New York Textile Shows are the backbone of the fashion industry in the City That Never Sleeps. They have made a significant contribution to the industry and the city continues to be a hot spot for fashion designers all over the world. Many design students move to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of America. With countless museum exhibits concerning fashion and textiles, the city is a mecca for anyone passionate about design. Its yearly Fashion Show Week also attracts designers from around the world.