Fire Protection Tips For Your Home

Having a house fire is one of the most devastating things that could possibly happen to anyone. For anyone to lose their life along with belongings and memories when it’s highly preventable, yet you hear it on the news regularly. The odds of this happening to you are slim however it still pays to be prepared so read on for some reminders to be sure you don’t become a victim.


Smoke Detectors & Alarms:

1)    A smoke detector is useless without working batteries, almost half of fire victims thought their detectors were in working order. Get in the habit of checking yours monthly.

2)    Have extra batteries on hand and change them every 6 months.

3)    Smoke detectors don’t last forever and need to be replaced every 10 years. Check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend.

4)    Locate detectors near the main entrance and near bedrooms.

5)    Install them away from air ducts to prevent dirt buildup and at least six inches from where wall and ceiling meet.

Fire Extinguishers

1)    Have on each floor

2)    Keep the close to areas where a fire is more likely to occur, for example kitchen, laundry room or garage.


1)    Formulate and escape plan to evacuate in case of fire, have more than one route in case one route is blocked by fire or smoke.

2)    Fire deaths are higher for children or the elderly so if you have either living in your home consider them and practice a drill in the event of fire. If anyone in the home is immobile you will need to find a way for someone to assist them.

3)    Should you be the victim of a fire don’t stop to take anything with you. If your keys, wallet or cell phone are handy you can grab them as you could use them later.

4)    Designate a meeting place once clear of the home so you will be reassured that everyone got our safely.


1)    Be aware of how much of your main dwelling is covered by insurance, this does not include your belongings and contents only the structure itself.

2)    Make sure you have proper coverage, if you’re a renter purchase renter’s insurance.

3)    Pictures or video of your belongings even outside should be keep in a separate location, even email a copy to yourself in case of fire.

4)    Have a fireproof safe to store all your valuable documents.

5)    In the event of a fire contact your agent ASAP to get your claim started.

Hopefully you are never a victim of fire, but in the event it happens many services are needed to get your life back to normal. Among those services often called on are Calgary Water & Flood, a company you can rely on when you need fire restoration professionals.