How to Perfectly Transform a 40 Foot Conex Box into a House

A new house in the USA can cost you from 100k and above. You need to save money for a long time to get enough to be able to buy one. A lot of people spend their entire lives living in houses that they don’t own or in apartments where they pay rent each month.

This doesn’t have to be like this. There are options that people underestimate just because they don’t fit the standard idea of what a house should be. However, this doesn’t matter for those who want to have their own home for almost no money spent. How can this be? Read on and find out!

The answer to making your own perfect home is called – Conex boxes. One 40-feet box is big enough to provide shelter for an entire family. Of course, this won’t be a mansion or a palace, but it will be just enough to have something you call your own for as little as a few thousand dollars. Learn more about these boxes here.

Still, this is not a one-time deal, you’ll have to work on it a little. After you’re finished with what we’re going to tell you to do, you’ll have your own house to live in. Follow up to see what we have to say!

Find the best box

First, you need to find the best Conex container. These containers travel around the globe on oversea ships. They face all kinds of weather. Wind, rain, salty ocean water, sun, all in one trip. They are made to be very durable, but there’s no greater force than the one of nature.

When the container’s job was done, it is being retired. It is going to be placed on a yard somewhere where it will be offered for people to buy it for a much smaller price than the original one. The older the container is, the lower the price will be.

At the same time, the older the container, the more damages it suffered and will need more repairs. You need to calculate what the best choice is for you. You can either buy a cheap box and spend some time and money fixing it, or buy something less affordable but getting a well preserved one.

We’d recommend getting a well preserved because no repairing can get it to its original shape. Once the box gets a hole inside, it will be really hard to stop the rusting to continue with a great force. If you want good quality pieces, check out this site – There, you’ll find all kinds of things and you’ll be able to choose the best model for your needs.

Fix if something needs to be fixed.

When you transport the box to your location, it’s time to work on it a little. There will surely be some problems with it. You can’t find a used container that has no damages. These damages can be huge or tiny, but whatever the situation is, you’ll need to work on it.

It’s best if you use some tools and building materials that are being used on standard houses. Cover the holes and make sure they won’t let water and heat inside.

After this, it’s wise to place an insulation wall around it. You can do this together with some materials that will make your new house look like one and not like a metal box. Some people love wooden walls to make the house look beautiful. It’s up to you what you’re going to choose.

Open holes for windows and doors

The boxes are completely sealed and have a metal door that is being opened and closed. This is not much of use for you because it’s not logical to get inside opening a container door. What you need to do at this point is to make useful doors and windows for people to live inside.

Make a good plan of where is best to place the windows and the door. If it is needed, consult a professional who knows their way around design, interior, and planning. Ask for their advice and then continue working by cutting the metal and install these things.

Some people who like to invest more, create some amazing designs by installing full ceiling windows and making sliding doors through an entire side. This is completely up to you. Do whatever you think it’s best.

Install an AC

The metal container has one flaw. It attracts a lot of heat. When the sun shines on them, they become hot very fast. Inside the temperature can reach up to 120 degrees in a matter of hours. The good thing is, the boxes are fairly small and can be cooled down very fast with a simple AC. See more about air conditioning here:

What we’re trying to say here is that you must install an AC. You won’t be able to live inside without it even though you’re going to make some great insulation. On top of it, when the winter comes, you’ll also be able to heat it faster than a standard house using the same methods or using something else.

Choose the furniture wisely

When you finish everything in the construction and repairing part, it’s time to get some furniture and leave a normal life inside. It’s important to get small and convenient items that will make the room inside useful yet provide you a comfortable stay.

Try not to place too many items inside that will make the movement impossible. Go for a minimalist approach and make sure the house is both useful and with a feeling like home.


As you can see, creating a home out of shipping containers can be amazing. All you have to do is find a great piece and know how to work around it a little bit. If you can do this and you’re not afraid to take some chances, this might be the best thing you ever did.