The Most Important Tips by Closet Organizer from Greer, South Carolina

You should know that keeping your closet tidy and neat is a daily and ongoing process.

Even though you will need a few hours to make it dysfunctional, you should know that you can maintain it properly by finding professional help.

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You will have to follow a few tips to help you understand the overall process of closet maintenance and organization.

One of the most critical aspects of closet storage and organization is that you will get everything you need without searching for minutes before work.

Instead of feeling frustrated due to the inability to find the working clothes, you can organize everything and get the wanted pieces in seconds.

However, in some situations, the most obvious solution to a problem is the one we cannot identify yet.

That is the main reason why you should check out our list of closet storage tips that will help you keep it simple and neat along the way.

1.Re-Evaluate the Size

You should re-evaluate your closet’s current size by checking out clothes you own and wish to place inside. At the same time, you should analyze the everyday wardrobe to determine whether you should throw or sell something you do not wear anymore.

That way, you will leave space for new things and create decluttering perspective of your current condition. According to statistics, sixty percent of women have a hard time finding interesting clothes in their wardrobe, so they buy new clothes.

Besides, eighty percent of your clothes tend to wear only twenty percent of the time, which you need to remember before going to shop for new ones. Having a collection of numerous things you never wear will slow down the decision-making process.

It is essential to conduct a proper wardrobe purge to deal with damaged items that are not fit and out of style. That way, you can both save time and space, and you will be able to find things you wish to wear in the future.

2.Prioritize Your Needs

You need to prioritize your storage requirements, which means that you should remove things you do not wish to wear anymore. However, it also means that you should not use closet space for items you do not currently need, which is something you need to remember.

Of course, if you have a walk-in closet or large dressing room, you can rest assured because you will have enough storage space for your need. On the other hand, if that is not the case, you should be selective with your seasonal items.

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The bulky winter and fall clothing is something that you will not wear during the spring and summer, which is why you should place them away in another area in your home.

Your bedroom wardrobe should feature only things you currently wish to wear, while you should place seasonal clothes in a spare closet, inboxes, and basement or your off-season storage area.

3.Closet Organizer

The best way to minimize your closet requirements and needs is to install a proper organizer to help you deal with items you own. We are talking about the system you can implement to maximize overall storage space within your closet.

Therefore, you should incorporate other features and characteristics such as strategically located shelving, drawers, and other design elements to provide you both efficiency and functionality.

Everything depends on your overall budget, but you can also find an organizing system that will provide you peace of mind from a large retailer. That way, you can get additional customization options and much better quality that will be worthwhile.

If you share closet space, the organization is precious because one day can lead to severe clutter. Therefore, by creating designated “her and his” closet zones, you will be able to reduce the overall maintenance of your storage space.

4.Add Drawers

Even though organizers tend to come with specific drawers, you should think of them separately because they can help you reduce the clutter you have. That way, you can free up space in your bedroom by getting rid of the dresser.

Implementing a small system of drawers within a closet will provide you with more storage space compared with other types of wardrobes.

The main idea is to implement proper drawers to maximize space-saving skills, where you can place small items such as scarves, stockings, underwear, and socks. You should find out more about Closet Pro of Greer to determine the best course of action.

5.Add Hanging Rods

Another important consideration when maximizing your storage space is the ability to add a few hanging rods that will provide you additional area for your belongings.

Generally, if you have enough space inside, you can install additional hanging rods that will provide you with more options than other hanging areas.

It is much simpler to group items that feature the same color to maintain overall aesthetical appeal.

On the other hand, you can use lower hanging rods in a perpendicular configuration on a closet’s sidewall for additional convenience.

6.Use Space Wisely

Closets tend to be filled with things you do not need, which can lead to severe clutter where you will not find anything you need. We recommend using the floor space because it is useful to do it instead of placing things you do not wish to see.

For instance, you can make the below levels into a shoe store, which will provide you peace of mind and additional space. In case you have a wall-mounted configuration system, you will have open floor space, which will allow you to add shoe racks.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the floor area by adding open shelves to place pull out shoe rack.

Of course, you can also accessorize it during a renovation so that you can make it more appealing than before. You can add decorative hooks, sliding belt racks, belt hooks, retractable valet rods, laundry hampers, and many more.