Easing the Pain of Moving

Moving is a Pain

Moving is one of life’s most stressful and least fun events, especially the actual process of getting all your stuff from point A to point B. Plus, admit it, you have a lot on your mind when you are getting ready to move. You’ve made the big decision now you have to figure out all those important details such as how long will it take you to drive to your new job, where to get the dog groomed and your hair cut, is there a taco shop nearby and, oh yeah, where will the kids will go to school. Picking a mover is way down the list.

Mover Basics

While the right moving company can make for a smooth move, choosing the wrong mover can make your relocation a nightmare.

While a national moving company is best for an interstate move, stick with a Local Moving Company in Tallahassee FL for a move that’s across town or anywhere within your state. You will much better luck getting problems resolved by local owners that may go unanswered by a large corporation.

You should get estimates from more than one moving company and make sure those estimates include everything in your home you want moved. That includes things in the attic, garage, backyard, shed, crawl space, basement, underneath and behind furniture, and inside every closet and piece of storage furniture. If you think “That will be gone before the move,” and they are not, your cost will be higher.

There are standard forms that movers provide on moving day that you should look for. A Bill of lading is a receipt for your belongings and a contract between you and the mover. Do not sign it if there’s anything in there you don’t understand. The Order for Service authorizes the carrier to transport your household items from one location to another. And the inventory list is a form showing each item and its condition prior to the move.

Be Sure of Coverage

Local Moving Company in Tallahassee FL offer their customers two different insurance options: “full value protection” and “released value.” Full value is more comprehensive insurance that will cost you extra, but the mover is liable for the replacement value of any item that is lost or damaged. Released value protection comes at no additional charge and offers very limited liability.. You may also be covered through your existing homeowners policy. Don’t ever sign anything that contains language about “releasing” or “discharging” your mover from liability.

Be Sure to Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the mover questions on their procedures and how they operate. How long has the company been in the moving business? Does the company do background checks on the employees who do the moving? Does the company hire day labor or temp help? Will the company transfer the property to another company or crew during the move? Does the company guarantee delivery on the date you want?

After all, they will be going through your personal things and be part of your life for a couple of days. Moving is a stressful time, and the mover should be calm and make it easier for you.