Repairs that are covered under the ceiling fan warranty

Ceiling fans are electrical devices and like any other electrical device these things are bound to have defect developed in them over the period of time and they might also have a few manufacturing defects which might be the negligence during the manufacturing process or the defect might also have come into play due to some environmental factors. To cover these defects or let’s say most of these defects arising the company which is making these fans gives warranty on the product to cover the professional help in getting rid of these defects during a certain period of time which starts at the moment the product has been purchased.


The product warranty doesn’t cover everything that is bound to go wrong with it and also there are different types of the warranty services which determine for what all you have to pay to get your ceiling fan repaired when it goes haywire. The things covered and offered in the product warranty differ from company to company and they may even differ from product to product in the product of the same company. The repairs that are covered under the ceiling fan warranty are as follows:

  • The manufacturing defects that were the sole responsibility of the company to have been dealt with before the product had reached the market are totally covered. The manufacturing defects may include the any part of the fan to be misshapen, it may include coiling which is defective from the very beginning and shows problems like it gets burnt when the fan is used even for few hours continuously. These may also include the defect in the manufacturing of the rotor and the stator. There might also be some defect in the rotating shaft or the brushes guiding these rotating shafts which might lead to low speed of the fan or sound or excessive friction which might lead to damage in other parts. All these defects are covered in the manufacturing defects and are rectified for free by the company if experienced during a given period of time.
  • With the advent of the BLDC motors and their being beginning to be used in the ceiling fans as well the warranty has also been extended to defects in controls of the fan or variation in speeds or problems experienced in the various modes provided due to the presence of the electronic chip.
  • Any special quality of fan is also covered by the company (generally). Like a rust resistant fan getting rusted will be covered in most of the cases.
  • Nowadays the product is not required to be taken to the seller or the company service centre (in almost all cases). The customer just has to call the service number and the engineer from the comes to your house to repair whatever problem is experienced in the fan and all this is covered by the company and the customer has to pay nothing to the service engineer.

Other than this there are various policies of the companies selling the fans and their policies differ. In few cases there are even replacement warranties on manufacturing defects. In a few rare cases even burning of internal coiling is covered when it is not a case of manufacturing defect. In every case any physical damage caused by the negligence of the customer is not covered by the company warranty policies.