Prepare Your Property’s Drainage For The Fall Rains

Rainy weather is just around the corner and it’s a good idea to take care of some preventative maintenance and possibly avoid some unwelcome surprises. There is nothing worse than trying to spot a problem with flashlight in hand in the pouring rain.The number one thing you want to be working properly is your property’s drainage system.

Start by checking the gutters and downspouts that collect water from the roof of your house for rust or breakage.  Make sure the gutters and downspouts are secure and re secure any that are found to be loose or sagging. The weight of snow and ice can pull gutters away from walls. Do downspouts extend far enough away from the foundation to move water away the right distance away from the house. Now is a good time to clear gutters of leaves or debris and test with a hose to be sure everything is running clear. The last thing to check is any floor drains on patios or driveways to prevent any leaves or debris clogging up the drains to the street.

Many homeowners choose to have a drainage inspection of their home’s drainage system as a preventative measure and part of a maintenance program. Inspection of the overall integrity of the drainage system by a foundation repair company should include inspecting the slope of your land, passive and active drainage systems.  Also the  gutters and downspouts along with anything else that compromises the ability of water to naturally drain away from your foundation. Overtime your home and the soil around it settle so some areas may need regrading.

You may even want to consider preemptive repairs and reinforcement, especially if you live in an older home to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the winter months. As with any home maintenance it’s much less stressful to attend to beforehand instead of finding yourself with a flooded basement or foundation.

Are you worried about your property’s drainage system, why not get ahead of the problem and call Wet Coast Drainage in Victoria BC