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Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Vinyl floors have made tons of improvements in the last couple of decades. It stands today as the top choice for floor materials. It is affordable, durable, and stylish. Let us take a closer look at vinyl flooring, starting with comparing it to laminate floors.

With today’s advancement in technology, both things have come a long way. Both are good choices for the more expensive natural flooring materials like tile, stone, and hardwood. These things are being made to resemble these expensive floor materials realistically.

No longer are these kinds of flooring just inexpensive and cheap-looking copy that will last for a couple of years. Improvements in floor construction has hugely increased the longevity and durability of these things. These things are made with quality wear layers that are highly resistant to scratches and scuffs.

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Both come in tiles and planks, which are pretty easy to install. Most property owners install these things on their own. High-quality luxury or solid items are constructed of different layers with durable transparent coat wear layers over design layers. These wear layers stand up pretty well to sunlight and heavy traffic. Its photographic design layer can look just like real ceramic, stone, or wood. These things are available in different varieties of designs, quality grades, and options.

Vinyl Flooring – Most popular flooring material choice

These materials are certified for air quality and are antimicrobial for infection control. It cost considerably less compared to tile, stone, and wood. They are relatively a low-maintenance material.

The difference between vinyl and laminate

Vinyl is a lot thinner more flexible compared to laminates. Walking on these things has a resilient, cushioned, and soft surface which is a lot quieter to walk on because it is made out of very flexible polyvinyl chloride plastic. And that is where the product’s main advantage lies.

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It is immune to water damage. On the other hand, laminates cannot withstand water damage for very long. Both floor materials are considered to be pretty durable and well-made materials that can stand up well to wear and tear. But overall, this material is the best when it comes to durability because of its high moisture resistance. There are different estimates when it comes to the lifespan of vinyl and laminate items.

However, both of them averaged around 10 to 20 years – but can last more depending on the installation and flooring’s quality and conditions. If made of good quality, both things can be suitable for any property, but they are usually chosen over its counterpart in places with moisture issues.

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The advantage of using these materials

A lot of Vinyl flooring is moisture resistant. It is an excellent material for mudrooms, entryways, laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can also stand up great to dirt and mud, snow, leaks, spills, as well as it doesn’t require a lot of time cleaning.

Dampness and moisture in basements are less of a problem for these materials compared to other floor items. They will always be an excellent choice when it comes to places where moisture is prevalent. People need to keep in mind that any kind of floor installation can be affected by water. Damage from moisture is not a common occurrence when it comes to installations as with other floor types.

Nevertheless, it can still happen. The critical factor here is proper installation. Concretes are where excess water is most likely to be a problem. Experts recommend that property owners should test their concrete slabs for any moisture before installing any types of flooring materials.

The issue with moisture in installations is that it can undo all the adhesive on the floor and end up with molds, open seams, and bumps. Floors need to be dry to start with for a proper installation. This process will also need to protect vinyl flooring against above surface moisture like puddles and leaks.

These sheets can be installed with a couple of seams where water can seep into. Proper floor installation is needed to make sure that you will have a long-lasting seal that can keep water out and keep the installation intact. With the correct procedure, these materials will last for a long time. It cannot warp or dent and can be pretty resistant to gouges, scratches, and scuffs.