Tips to Get Your Pet Prepared To Move on Long Distances

Time of the moving is stressful not only for humans, but also for pets. It takes a lot of faith to allow strangers to handle your belongings. This way, choosing the right moving company is very important. Along with that, you also have to prepare your loving pets to move comfortably and safely on long distances.

Microchip Your Pets

It is the best and most exciting way to keep track on your pets to avoid them from going missing due to any reason on the move. Be sure to add a second contact over them. Ensure to arrange a microchip and insert at your pet around 2 weeks before moving so you can have enough time to have a second contact. It could easily make change to keep an eye on your pet.

Identify Your Pet with Crate

Most transportation companies move pets in crates as it is mandatory for them. So, it is very important to own a well sized crate which is strong and has proper space for them to sit comfortably along the trip. Before the moving day, let them to spend some time in the crate so your pet may feel better on the move. It is recommended to do it well in advance to have enough time for your pet to adapt to new environment. You may also give some reward to adapt to their new crate. You may let them sleep and eat in the crate. It is the best way to make them feel at ease.


Pack all the Important Goods

According to the type of transport your pet will be moved to your new home, you can take different types of pet accessories on your move. You can pack as much as possible for them. You can also pack something extra for your pet during the move. You may add any medication they may want to take, such as toys, food etc. to keep them entertained, along with grooming equipments like litter bags and leashes. Be sure to do your own research, be sure to take all the important precautions. This way, your pet will reach your home happily and safely.

Increase Frequency of Exercise

Another way to ensure safety and comfort of your pet is to provide enough of exercise to them before the date of your move. Be sure to increase the length of their walks from their normal time before the move so they can feel little tired on the move. This way, your pet won’t want to escape and react antsy. In addition, it will also reduce their stress throughout the process.

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