November Gardening Jobs

November days can be damp, misty and unpleasant but there are still many jobs waiting in the garden that can be completed when the weather is much finer. Take advantage of any mild spells to do some general tidying of leaves and enjoy the fresh autumn air.

  1. Perennials

Some perennials such as hardy geraniums, rudbeckia and chrysanthemums can continue flowering well into the autumn but this month is usually harsh enough to ensure they have passed their peak. Cut the stems down to about two inches above ground level and put the trimmings on the compost heap. It’s also a last opportunity to split any overgrown clumps of delphiniums and other perennials. Discard any woody central sections and replant the younger rooted growth providing the soil isn’t frozen. Add a top layer of mulch such as well rotted compost or bark chips to protect the crowns during the winter.

  1. Planting