Shag Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

That carpet you used to like is back in style again. More homeowners are putting shag carpeting in their homes and the good news is they’re still as easy to clean as they were back in the day. Their long, fluffy fibers are warm and comfortable in bare feet and you can put this type of carpet in any room of the house. That also means you could have a number of cleaning challenges ahead, whether you’ve got shag carpet in the living room, the bedroom, or the kids’ playroom. When accidents do happen, here are some ways to keep that shag carpet looking clean and new.



Cleaning your carpet should be done every week or two with a vacuum. If you have high traffic areas you may want to do it more frequently. But when you get the vacuum out be sure you set the proper adjustments on …

Reasons to Undertake a Refinished Basement Project

There is one space in many homes which is completely overlooked and yet, it can be used to completely transform your home!  The basement is often left as an unfinished space which is home to the washing facilities, furnace and maybe a few other items which have no other home and may be useful.

In fact, if you take a look at the basement space available you will quickly realize that the available area will be on a par with the entire downstairs area of your house.  There may be some areas which have reduced height but these can often be resolved by lowering the floor to create a space which is big enough to comfortably walk round in.

Once you realize that there is an untapped potential in the bottom of your house you will see why a refinished basement project makes a lot of sense.  The truth is …

Types of Flat Roofs

After an architect affirms the need for a flat roof, deciding on the right one can be a difficult procedure. Basically, four types of flat roof exist, each with its peculiarities. Although there is no need for an architect to have a thorough grasp of every roof type, basic understanding of each will help the contractor make concrete decisions. No need to search any further for a reliable roofing company? King Koating is here for you.

Single ply

A single ply membrane gives water resistance with only a single sheet of roofing material. It is an established and proven technology in use up until this present time

For cost driven projects, Single ply are usually preferred because asides been economical, they are light weighted, flexible, swift to install, safe, and comes in a variety of colors.  Hence, they are a popular choice for cold and warm roofs, repairs and new …