Shag Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

That carpet you used to like is back in style again. More homeowners are putting shag carpeting in their homes and the good news is they’re still as easy to clean as they were back in the day. Their long, fluffy fibers are warm and comfortable in bare feet and you can put this type of carpet in any room of the house. That also means you could have a number of cleaning challenges ahead, whether you’ve got shag carpet in the living room, the bedroom, or the kids’ playroom. When accidents do happen, here are some ways to keep that shag carpet looking clean and new.



Cleaning your carpet should be done every week or two with a vacuum. If you have high traffic areas you may want to do it more frequently. But when you get the vacuum out be sure you set the proper adjustments on the cleaning head. You’ll need to set the head to it’s highest point, because it will ensure that you get the most suction and you will be able to move the vacuum over your carpet more easily. If the head is set too low, the fibers could get caught in the head as the pile will be too high to allow the vacuum to glide. Be sure you also suck up all dirt and debris completely. When in doubt, suction up the area repeatedly. Foreign bodies that are allowed to get ingrained into the weave will shorten the life of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

This cleaning method doesn’t need to be done more than once or twice a year but it should be done on occasion. It will help to prevent the carpet from becoming stained and discolored over time. This is can be done by you with a rented machine or if you haven’t had your carpet steam cleaned in a long time, it might be best to call out the professionals at Puyallup carpet cleaners. Steam cleaning is used hot water and carpet detergent to get a deep, thorough cleaning on your shag fibers. This method also gets under the pile, an area of your carpet that the vacuum doesn’t reach very effectively. Keep in mind, after a steam cleaning your carpet will be wet for an extended period of time and needs to dry thoroughly before you walk on it again. Therefore, plan accordingly when you decide to steam clean the carpet.


Spills happen, especially when there’s carpet around. But when they do, be sure you know how to wipe up properly and that means NOT wiping. Dab and blot the area instead and clean up any spill as quickly as you can. The longer a spill stays, the longer it has time to set and stain. Be sure you rinse the cloth or rag you’re using each time before going back to blot more of the spill. Avoid using a paper towel because that can break down and get into the fibers.