Reasons to Undertake a Refinished Basement Project

There is one space in many homes which is completely overlooked and yet, it can be used to completely transform your home!  The basement is often left as an unfinished space which is home to the washing facilities, furnace and maybe a few other items which have no other home and may be useful.

In fact, if you take a look at the basement space available you will quickly realize that the available area will be on a par with the entire downstairs area of your house.  There may be some areas which have reduced height but these can often be resolved by lowering the floor to create a space which is big enough to comfortably walk round in.

Once you realize that there is an untapped potential in the bottom of your house you will see why a refinished basement project makes a lot of sense.  The truth is that this space can provide a huge amount of benefits for you and your family.  You simply need a little imagination!


Additional Space

The most obvious reason to undertake a refinished basement project is to create additional space within your home.  It is often the case that the perfect family home starts to feel small as the children start to grow up.  You will find that a little space where the children can do their own thing, or you can escape to will make a huge difference.  It may even be as simple as providing a new bedroom for one of the people in the house.

Alternatively it is possible to move your kitchen downstairs and create the stunning space you want and deserve; freeing space upstairs for a different purpose.

Prevent Moving

Despite a growing family, you may be reluctant to move.  There are several valid reasons for this.  It may be that you are already near your family and friends, or your job.  It may simply be that your children are settled in their school or that you see little point in upsizing just to downsize in five or ten years.

Whatever the reason, a refinished basement can provide you with the additional space you need without the stress and hassle of moving.  It will also probably be cheaper than moving and even add value to your home!

Self-Contained Flat

Another good reason for a refinished basement is to create a self-contained area for a loved one.  This will allow them their independence whilst keeping them close enough to have your assistance and company if and when required.  This is an excellent way of keeping all members of a family happy without the need to move.

Studio or Home Project

Many people have visionary ideas regarding starting their own business.  Unfortunately with all the other pressures of life this is often something that is simply unaffordable.  By completing a refinished basement project you can create the space you need to start your project with minimal outlay.  This will allow you to pursue your idea without having to commit all your time to it.

It is worth noting that, unlike many extensions, a refinished basement will not need planning permission unless you are adding windows and doors.  You will simply need to adhere to the building code.