Shag Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

That carpet you used to like is back in style again. More homeowners are putting shag carpeting in their homes and the good news is they’re still as easy to clean as they were back in the day. Their long, fluffy fibers are warm and comfortable in bare feet and you can put this type of carpet in any room of the house. That also means you could have a number of cleaning challenges ahead, whether you’ve got shag carpet in the living room, the bedroom, or the kids’ playroom. When accidents do happen, here are some ways to keep that shag carpet looking clean and new.



Cleaning your carpet should be done every week or two with a vacuum. If you have high traffic areas you may want to do it more frequently. But when you get the vacuum out be sure you set the proper adjustments on …

Reasons to Undertake a Refinished Basement Project

There is one space in many homes which is completely overlooked and yet, it can be used to completely transform your home!  The basement is often left as an unfinished space which is home to the washing facilities, furnace and maybe a few other items which have no other home and may be useful.

In fact, if you take a look at the basement space available you will quickly realize that the available area will be on a par with the entire downstairs area of your house.  There may be some areas which have reduced height but these can often be resolved by lowering the floor to create a space which is big enough to comfortably walk round in.

Once you realize that there is an untapped potential in the bottom of your house you will see why a refinished basement project makes a lot of sense.  The truth is …

Types of Flat Roofs

After an architect affirms the need for a flat roof, deciding on the right one can be a difficult procedure. Basically, four types of flat roof exist, each with its peculiarities. Although there is no need for an architect to have a thorough grasp of every roof type, basic understanding of each will help the contractor make concrete decisions. No need to search any further for a reliable roofing company? King Koating is here for you.

Single ply

A single ply membrane gives water resistance with only a single sheet of roofing material. It is an established and proven technology in use up until this present time

For cost driven projects, Single ply are usually preferred because asides been economical, they are light weighted, flexible, swift to install, safe, and comes in a variety of colors.  Hence, they are a popular choice for cold and warm roofs, repairs and new …

Fire Protection Tips For Your Home

Having a house fire is one of the most devastating things that could possibly happen to anyone. For anyone to lose their life along with belongings and memories when it’s highly preventable, yet you hear it on the news regularly. The odds of this happening to you are slim however it still pays to be prepared so read on for some reminders to be sure you don’t become a victim.


Smoke Detectors & Alarms:

1)    A smoke detector is useless without working batteries, almost half of fire victims thought their detectors were in working order. Get in the habit of checking yours monthly.

2)    Have extra batteries on hand and change them every 6 months.

3)    Smoke detectors don’t last forever and need to be replaced every 10 years. Check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend.

4)    Locate detectors near the main entrance and near bedrooms.

5)    Install …

13 Tips That Will Help You

The first time I painted a house, I spilled two cans of paint onto the off-white carpet. The homeowner was livid, but I learned two valuable lessons. I learned how to clean paint out of the carpet, and I learned to lock up pets before pouring the paint. Since then, I’ve done several more interior paint jobs, and I’ve learned a lot. These are the top thirteen things I’ve learned since I started painting.


You can get a free estimate. If you’re worried about tackling this projects, consider hiring a painting company. You can usually request a free paint estimate to help you do a cost/benefit analysis.

Monochromatic colors emphasize simplicity. If you’re a minimalist at heart, try a monochromatic color scheme. Choose one color, and accent the trim or paneling with lighter or darker versions of the same color.

Opposite colors on the color wheel increase contrast. If …

4 Benefits of Installing Additional Windows in Your Home

Windows are a critical feature of any home. They have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of living including, but not limited to, energy efficiency, temperature, privacy, and aesthetics. If you find yourself in possession of a home that doesn’t have many windows, there can be some profound benefits to adding some additional ones. Here are four such benefits that address the concerns and needs of modern homeowners.


1. More Light

Unless you want to spend lots of money on your electric bill, you should consider windows as extra light sources. Skylights cut down on overhead light usage, and vertical windows allow you to enjoy natural light while you have it during the day. Considering electricity overuse is something that plagues our environment to an astonishing degree, not only will additional windows save you money, they’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. In this day and age, that’ll at the …

An Overview of Textile Shows in New York

Fashion Week is always a big deal in New York City. Those that work in the industry come from all over the world to attend this yearly event. Textile shows play a big part in the industry and are held every year.


NYC Textile Week

Since fashion is such a prevalent topic in the city, participants come from all over the world to attend New York Textile Shows such as Texworld USA. Each participant has their own pavilion where they display the latest fabrics they have created. During a typical NYC show there are pavilions representing Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and Korea.

In addition to pavilions, the show also features a series of educational seminars. In the seminars, attendees learn about subjects such as sourcing, current trends and even sustainability of fabrics around the world. Virtually every type of fabric is discussed during these seminars, including lace, knits, unusual color …

Ariens Ss522 Snowblower

With a wide variety of reasonable snowblowers in the marketplace, it could be challenging to ascertain those that are not worth your time and which of them are great. Many homeowners need something useful and reliable. Small or whether outdated , shoveling snow could be hardon the human body, thus, choosing the best snow blower is a lot more significant. You’ve ditched the scoop to help make the snow removal more easy on your body and you. Buying anything unnecessarily complicated or hefty will be counterintuitive. The ideal snowblower ought to be light and easy-to handle.

Likewise, your devices that are attached are currently going to preserve you restricted and limited on your maneuverability. With one of these kinds of atv snowblowers blowers, you untangling the cable too or are continually ordering. Together with the electric blowers, you’ll be able to expect convenience and an equipment that is much light. …

Advantageous Info To Simply Help Find The Attorney

Adore them or detest these, attorneys have been in numerous methods, an essential part of existence for numerous people. The important thing to working effectively using attorneys would be to take some time to teach oneself by what they can do for you and just how you may make certain you receive the providers you would like. Visit Expert Background Check if you’re interested where to view arrest records.

A great suggestion if you should be seeking to employ an attorney would be to make certain you select the correct one. The area could be a large element when seeking to employ an attorney. If you should be likely to being to courtroom quickly, it is essential the attorney you choose is in the region.

Request a free of charge discussion. Numerous attorneys will offer you a free of charge discussion, to help you possess your concerns solved. Throughout …

Tips to Get Your Pet Prepared To Move on Long Distances

Time of the moving is stressful not only for humans, but also for pets. It takes a lot of faith to allow strangers to handle your belongings. This way, choosing the right moving company is very important. Along with that, you also have to prepare your loving pets to move comfortably and safely on long distances.

Microchip Your Pets

It is the best and most exciting way to keep track on your pets to avoid them from going missing due to any reason on the move. Be sure to add a second contact over them. Ensure to arrange a microchip and insert at your pet around 2 weeks before moving so you can have enough time to have a second contact. It could easily make change to keep an eye on your pet.

Identify Your Pet with Crate

Most transportation companies move pets in crates as it is mandatory for …