How to Do a Luxury Kitchen Makeover on a Tight Budget

We all want a kitchen that looks a million dollars, but we don’t all have the budget. If you want your kitchen to look really hi-spec, a few well-chosen items will give it an elegant appearance even on a relatively small budget.


Professional Oven Clean

Check out discount sites such as Groupon for vouchers for professional oven cleans. The best kitchens always boast sparkling ovens, and although these services normally cost about £80, you can get yours for as little as £25 with a voucher.

Cabinet Savings

Fitted cabinets cost a huge amount of money. If you need new cabinets, source the inside carcasses from a cheap wholesale shop or DIY store and then buy bespoke doors from a luxury outlet. Buying these at the right time of year, especially during sales season, can save huge amounts of money too.

Luxury Items

Rather than paying for a high-end fully fitted kitchen, pick and mix the items that shout luxury the most. First review a selection of bottle coolers by Fridgefreezerdirect, and find one that fits your budget. A domestic bottle cooler complete with wines always gives the appearance of luxury, and it’s a very handy appliance to own. If you have a large amount of space to fill, then commercial bottle coolers might be a better option.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches such as handles and taps are what marks out the difference between everyday kitchens and luxury ones. Save as much as your budget as you can for these items.

Fresh Flowers

This may seem like a shortcut, but a constant rotation of freshly cut flowers will give the appearance of a well-kept luxury kitchen. As soon as they start to wilt, get rid of them and replace with new ones for instant luxury.

More ideas for a budget luxury kitchen, including how to hide white appliances, can be found here: Some great ideas for budget luxury counter tops can be found here:

As you can see, you can give your kitchen a luxury finish with less than a thousand pounds. Invest in a few great items such as a bottle cooler and expensive-looking taps and then keep it squeaky clean from top to bottom for the ultimate budget luxury kitchen.